Windows 8.1 leaked version has removed the "library" concept

Author: Mayon

I believe many computer users when new to get used to & ldquo; My Computer (My Computer) & rdquo; or & ldquo; computer ( My Computer) is called, but now Microsoft has decided to change it.

Win8.1 removed the "Library"

In the latest Windows 8.1 leaked version, the location that should have been "Computer" has now become "This PC&rdquo" ;, at least this means that Microsoft will no longer use the word "Computer". However, we can't judge whether the name will change depending on the user's computer name.

In addition, the "library" that originally appeared in Win7 has disappeared inexplicably. It is not clear whether Microsoft will permanently use this feature. If it is, then it is really a Big action.

It seems that Windows 8.1 testing has been extended to the desktop system, and there is still more than a month from Build2013. I believe that there will be more intensive news release during this time.

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