How to download and install win10 windows10 installation tutorial


In the early morning of October 2, Microsoft released the download address of Win10 preview system, how to download and install win10? This article Xiaobian will bring you windows10 installation tutorial for everyone, want to experience the win10 friends to take a look.

How to download and install win10 windows10 installation tutorial

1, Windows 10 official website

The first step is to enter the Windows Inside website, of course, you need to provide your own Windows Live account number;

Windows Inside direct link:? https: // = 1033

01 first open Windows Inside website

02 log in to your Windows Live Account

2, Confirm Windows 10 Preview Program Agreement

Next click “Join Now”, then a license agreement will pop up on the page, click “I accept&rdquo ! ;;

03 license course is to click & ldquo; I accept & rdquo; the

3, into the Windows 10 download page

later prompted members registered, click At the end of the "Install Technical Preview", you can officially jump to the Win10 download page;

Direct link:

Figure 04 Seeing this page means that you have the Win10 experience qualification!

4, Windows 10 ISO file download

4.Win10 pre The viewing version provides two preview methods. One is to click on “Get Upgrade” in the download page to install Win10 in the upgrade method. The advantage is relatively easy, but given the speed and the current Win10 there may be a lot of Bug reality, it is recommended that you download the ISO file directly through the following link, of course, which is currently the most used fans one way;

Figure 05 "Get upgrade" is a convenient method, but given that Win10 is still in beta, it is recommended to download the ISO file directly

5, Windows 10 product key

Win10 preview The edition is available in English, Portuguese (Brazil), and Chinese (Simplified). There are 32-bit and 64-bit options. You can choose any one according to your needs. The 32-bit ISO size is 3.05GB, 64. The bit is 3.96GB. The product key will be given at the top of the page: NKJFK-GPHP7-G8C3J-P6JXR-HQRJR, users who need it can write it in advance.

Figure 06 version of the two-Jane version of ISO volume comparison

6, download the Windows 10 Simplified Chinese version of ISO file

Click on the link to start downloading speed is also now Calculated ideally, the actual download rate of Thunder is 300 KB/s, and it is still relatively stable.

07 current rate has been relatively stable

7, installing Windows 10 Note

Then you have nothing to say, the ISO after the download is complete, you may need to get used finish installation. If you have a virtual machine, you can mount the ISO file directly. If you have a physical machine, you can enter WinPE to load it through the virtual CD-ROM drive, or you can directly burn it to the DVD. Of course, at present, it is recommended to install physical machine installed in the second partition, after all, there are many possible technical preview Bug, taste fresh on the line, should not be used as a production system!

08 physical machines to install WinPE is a good Choose, borrow a Win8.1 map here, Win10 and it means

PS: It is said that this Windows 10 preview also contains two versions, of which the first version of WindowsTechnicalPreview can use the key Activated, another version called WindowsTechnicalPreview consumer cannot be activated, please choose when installing. In addition, the nt6 hdd installer tool can be installed directly without the need to select the version of the network to automatically activate, WinNTSetup or other installation tools to install the first version.

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