How does the Dell DELL server install the Win2003 system?


Installing the system on a Dell server is a cumbersome operation. Some users may find that the prefabricated system of the server is not the type that the user needs to use after purchasing the Dell server. The user either asks the engineer to install it or install the tutorial himself. The steps to install the system on the Dell DELL server are explained in detail. Read below to understand the Dell DELL server is a detailed step to install Win2003 system.

operating system installation method for DELL server:

Before installing Make sure your server drive as DVD

First, the random distribution of the Systems Management Tools. And the Documentation version 6.0 CD is placed in the server CD-ROM drive, and the server is set to drive the CD-ROM.

Boot CD will detect your server hardware, this takes about five minutes, please be patient.

Select Simplified Chinese:

accept the agreement:

installation screen appears, click: & ldquo; Server Operating System Installation & rdquo;

the first step: to set the time zone settings: Beijing, Hong Kong, Chongqing, Urumqi

Step two: select the operating system you want to install

step: raid confirm the factory has to do, choose to skip raid configuration

step Four: C boot partition size disk size, arranged according to their requirements sufficiently.

Step Five: You can skip this setting, network configuration and other systems can be configured after installation (DELL remind you unplug the network cable when installing the operating system, lay the system patches to be inserted after Internet line, in order to prevent viruses from infecting)

step Six: This page may not change the default to continue to the next step.

ProductID is the installation series for the operating system you purchased.

Please do not choose to join the domain unless you please leave your network environment as a domain environment, and you know your domain environment settings, otherwise please install your company's IT department after installing the system
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Step 7: After confirming the installation summary, the popup CD is selected and select Continue.

Step Eight: Please insert the system CD, CD-ROM into your operating system, the file copy will start if prompted to copy the disc error or errors, replace your system CD
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Note: This version of dosa supports the corresponding system:

1, Server 2003 sp2; 2, Server 2003 sp2 64 bit; 3, windows 2003 SBS sp2; 4, Server 2008; 5, windows 2008 SBS\\EBS x64; 6, Red hat Linux4.7 32bit; 7, Red hat Linux 4.7 64bit; 8, Red hat Linux5.2 32bit; 9, Red hat Linux 5.2 64bit; 10, Suse Linux10 sp2 64bit; 11, ESX 3.5 U4

The operating system CD version must be the same as the one selected during DOSA installation, otherwise DOSA will report the insertion of an invalid disc.

installation steps:

1, according to F10 to enter the installation interface dosa during POST:

2, F10 to enter the interface, where the need to wait five minutes left:

3, installation interface selection os deployment:

4, arranged raid (raid card in the bios also be configured, there may Select to skip the raid configuration): Note: Reconfiguring the raid will format the hard disk. If you are sure you want to configure it, you must back up the data.

Raid configuration interface:

(1), a conventional raid configuration, if the need to re-set the optional next step:

(2) confirm raid card model, click Next:

(3), or may choose to quickly configure advanced paper :( select Quick Guide)

(4), select to configure the raid level:

(5), raid configuration:

5, to confirm the installation of the system, select Next:

take some time to read the file:

6, confirmed into the system tray

Note the following interface will prompt (the screenshot is in Chinese), meaning The USC installation will create a temporary flash partition, occupying the drive letter C. Please confirm that the system is installed on the correct drive letter C. For the partition drive letter, please refer to Microsoft KB.

7, click reboot the machine

8, into the windows installation interface :( guiding it automatically without pressing F6)

9, to recognize the hard disk

there may be temporary flash drive letter C occupied, are handled as follows:

create a new start on the local hard disk partition, drive letter is automatically assigned to F or other letter:

the newly created partition F: delete, see the letter C: is released.

10, and then create a new partition on the local hard disk boot, will automatically assign a drive letter C: up.

If the drive letter C is still not released, create an F: drive, then do not format, force a restart, re-check the drive letter will be normal.

If you can't solve the forced restart, you only have to initialize the virtual disk. (Note: all data is lost and cannot be recovered. It is only for the new machine, the previous installation did not complete or exit normally. The machine in use If there is data, please contact the engineer)

10, move the cursor to the Unassigned partitions created by the C partition :( default for all the capacity, the need to manually change the proposed C drive 20G)

11, C move the cursor to select the transport installation disk position selecting NTFS quick format:

12, file copying is complete reboot into system:

13, 2003 At this point the installation is complete.

The above is the Dell DELL server is a detailed step to install Win2003 system, the process can be quite cumbersome, users do not be discouraged, step by step, server installation and system installation is not the same, you need careful settings to avoid errors.

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