Have to know the windows 2003 stable hard drive small common sense


In Microsoft's various systems, the non-win2003 system with the strongest stability and security is the only one. A stable system is built together by the stability of each component. As part of the system, The system hard disk can not be neglected in this link, and maintaining the stability of the hard disk has become a topic of concern to users.

First, the rational use of hard disk

What is the rational use of hard disk? First we have to understand the physical structure of the hard disc. A partitioned and formatted hard disk is based on a sector, and a partition is composed of a number of sectors. So what is a sector? We all know that the disk is rotating at work. The information it stores is recorded on its surface in a series of concentric circles. Each concentric circle is called a track.

A sector has a size of 512 bytes, a whole ring is a track, and there are several sectors on a track, so it is easy to see that the more sectors on the outer track are The larger the volume, in other words, the lower the density. Because the hard disk is mechanically driven, the speed at which the head seeks, reads, and writes is faster. The distribution of the partition is also from the outer ring to the inner ring, so the C disk Relative to the D drive, etc., this is why we feel that the C drive is faster than the D, E and other partitions.

Understand the above knowledge, we can use the hard disk reasonably! Take a new hard disk with a capacity of 60GB as an example: divide the C drive into 3 to 5GB (depending on the operating system), D disk is adjusted to 1GB, E disk is set to 10GB, save the need to set it (can be divided into F and G disk) — — has no effect on system speed.

After using the area, how to use it is the most important:

1. Install the operating system on the C drive and put MwIE, Foxmail, ICQ, QQ, FlashGet, Super Rabbit, Player Software and some common small software such as viewing software are also installed on the C drive. If you use Microsoft's large software such as Office, you should also install it on the C drive. Of course, since we don't use all of the features, we have to customize the useful parts to save the C drive space! Then set the virtual memory to the D drive and then use the system's own disk defragmenter to put C Organize it.

2, use the system modification software such as "micro-acquisition registry optimization master", "My Documents", "Internet buffer", "Online history", "ldquo;" Favorites & rdquo; and other folders that are often required to write and delete operations are set to the D drive to minimize disk fragmentation and reduce hard disk performance!

3. Install various application software to the E drive. As for the game can be installed in the F drive, the G drive is used to store audio and video files.

4, defragmentation of the C drive, and then set the virtual memory to the C drive after the second big step!

Second, the virtual memory settings < Br>

Setting virtual memory to a fixed value is already a common "truth", and it is quite correct, but most people set it to a non-system partition other than the C drive. And its value is mostly 2 to 3 times of physical memory. Most people think that the larger the value, the better the performance of the system and the faster it runs! But this is not the case, because the system relies on virtual memory —— if the virtual memory is large, the system will have a lot of free space in the physical memory. Virtual space is used when space is used. Those that are not used are still stuck in physical memory, which inevitably leads to a drop in memory performance!

Starting from 32MB of memory and up to 512MB of memory I found that the above mentioned facts are very correct. The virtual memory should be set to 0 to 1.5 times the physical memory, and the larger the physical memory, the smaller the size should be. When the physical memory is equal to or greater than 512MB, most PCs can disable virtual memory, and the memory performance is the highest!

As for your virtual memory, you must set it yourself. Give it a try, because this is directly related to the size and size of the resident memory software and the software you are running normally. You can set it to be the same as the physical memory before running several large software. If there is no abnormality, you can set it to half of the physical memory before running the large software. If an exception occurs. You have to increase the value of virtual memory appropriately! And so on, when you find the best value, just set this value to the C drive and it will be OK.

A strong and stable system is very important in every link. The hard disk plays a very important role in the stability of the win2003 system, so users should pay more attention to the process in the usual use. The stability of the hard disk.

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