Aftertaste win2003! Let IE security prompt dialog disappear method


win2003 as a server operating system, its security is not much, but it is such a security often brings a lot of unnecessary trouble to the user, which is an annoying IE security dialog prompt is one of them, win2003 The system department is bored, and the user is annoyed, so we have to find a way to cancel the IE security prompt dialog.

1. Once the system opens the security prompt page, you can use the mouse to continue the prompt when the content of the website is blocked. <;Select the option;

2. Browse In the interface, click the “Tools” menu item with the mouse to execute the “Internet Options” command from the open drop-down menu;

3. In the pop-up option setting interface, you can put the system The default security level is set to medium level by default;

4. When setting, just drag the security slider to the “ in the "Security” tab page. Yes;

5. After completing the settings, click the “OK” button to cancel the browser's security auto-prompt page.

The principle of canceling the IE security prompt dialog box is mainly realized by modifying the default security level setting of IE. After the above operation, IE will not automatically detect the security of the website, so it will not bother. The prompt security dialog box, and the users who are equally annoyed have to act quickly.

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