Into the magic world of win2003 remote desktop


win2003 as a service-oriented system, remote desktop can be said to be an indispensable function. In the remote desktop session, users can collect various data and related operations in the server, which can be said to be a very magical function. Let us witness the power of it.

First, the necessary components to install

Open “ control panel & rdquo; & rarr; & ldquo; add or remove programs & rdquo; & rarquo; & ldquo; add or remove Windows components & rdquo; & rarquo; & ldquo; Program Server & rdquo;→“Details …”→“Internet Information Services (IIS)”→“Details…”→“WWW Service”→“Details …”→Check "Remote Desktop Web Connection" & rdquo;→ even three "set" & rdquo; & rarquo; & ldquo; & Next quo; wait for completion.

Second, to enable or disable remote connections

1, the system opens the control panel.

2. On the "Remote" tab, check or clear the "Allow users to remotely connect to your computer" checkbox. Click “Select Remote User …” to add or remove users in the subsequent dialog box, click “OK" (twice).

Third, the client application

In & ldquo; start & rdquo; & rarr; & ldquo; & rdquo ;, running in the Run box, type & ldquo; HTTP: //server /TSWEB”→“OK”, the above page appears in IE, if it is used for the first time on this client, it will ask to download the ActiveX control, type the server in the text box after “server” Name, select the resolution of the remote desktop in the drop-down list after "size", please select "full screen", (otherwise the remote desktop will be displayed in the browser), you can see the login window after you press Enter. Type your username and password to enter the remote desktop. The rest is the same as using the local machine.

To exit, select & ldquo; & rdquo ;, but also into the write-off if after a while, please select & ldquo; off & rdquo ;, when re-entering the same way as before. Of course, if the permissions are large enough, you can also choose “restart”,“shutdown”.

Note that when using, do not directly close the browser window of “Remote Desktop Web Connection”, otherwise the remote desktop is equivalent to “Disconnected” and has not been logged out.

Fourth, terminal service configuration

1, please click “ start & rdquo; and “ control panel & rdquo;, double-click & ldquo; management tools & rdquo;, then double-click & ldquo; terminal services Configuration & rdquo;. In the console tree, click “Connect”. In the details pane, right-click the connection for which you want to configure client device mapping, and then click “Properties”. To make the remote desktop also multimedia, select “Maximum color depth> under the "Client Settings" tab and select the appropriate value in the drop-down list. "Don't disable the following items", please don't check "Audio Mapping" to enable the remote desktop to play music as well.

2, the default login settings

3, & ldquo in; Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager & rdquo; to find the exact location TSWEB virtual directory under Modifying the Default.htm file eliminates the need to fill in the server name each time. Open Default.htm with Notepad, find input name="Server", modify Value=“server name or IP address”, save and exit.

For network administrators, the win2003 system is like a cornerstone, an operation that cannot be separated from the network management process, especially regarding the operation of the win2003 system remote desktop. The top priority, these hopes can help everyone.

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