Win XP wallpaper settings are particular about


Many friends like to load beautiful wallpapers for the system, but you know that the settings of the wallpaper are also very particular, which has a certain impact on the speed of the system and the convenience of operation.

Is BMP or JPEG format good?

In Windows 9x, if the wallpaper format used is not in BMP format, but in JPEG format, the desktop property must be enabled with web support to see the wallpaper effect smoothly; in Windows XP, any image format is used. The system can be processed automatically. The author's suggestion is: when the physical memory is large, use BMP format pictures, because JPEG format requires Windows XP built-in conversion support function, it will lengthen the system startup time; when there is less physical memory, use JPEG format The picture is used as a background because the same file is much smaller in JPEG format than in BMP format.

Second, pay attention to the wallpaper's pointing path

When you surf the Internet, you can see beautiful pictures. With Windows XP built-in IE6.0, you can directly set it as wallpaper. However, it is recommended that you save the picture first, and then set it as a wallpaper, because before saving the file, IE puts the picture in the temporary file buffer. If you clear the IE temporary data later, the picture will be nowhere to be found. In addition, some friends directly set it as a wallpaper when browsing the pictures on the CD. At this time, the path of the wallpaper picture is the CD-ROM drive. When the CD is taken out, the wallpaper will disappear.

Third, stretching, tiling and centering which is better?

Stretching, tiling, and centering are three forms of wallpaper display. Stretching is to adapt the image to the screen resolution, regardless of the original size; tiling uses the original size of the image, and does not automatically adjust with the resolution, so some large images can only display the top left at 800×600 resolution. Part of the corner; and centering also uses the original size of the picture, but to ensure that the middle part of the picture is highlighted, then the edges of the large picture are gone. It is recommended that friends make choices as needed.

Fourth, the virus to view the virus tips

Keep an eye on your wallpaper, you may also find the "Happy Hour" worms. This virus can infect files with the suffix ".HIM, .VBS, .HTA, .ASP, .HTML" on the hard disk and send the poisoned mail according to the email address in the address book. Because it can infect web files with Windows's desktop web features, you may change your wallpaper settings. If you don't load a desktop theme tool with a limited date and find that the wallpaper is inexplicably blank or a monochrome background, beware, it's likely that this type of worm is at work, and check the virus.

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