Clearly check the configuration of the computer hardware (2)


Second, use the device manager to view the hardware configuration

After entering the operating system, you can also use the device manager with the hardware driver installed DirectX diagnostic tool to view the hardware configuration. Let's look at how to use the device manager to view hardware information. Go to the desktop, right click on the "My Computer" icon, select "Properties" from the menu that appears, open the "System Properties" window, click on "Hardware - Device Manager", the machine is displayed in the "Device Manager" All hardware devices configured. From top to bottom, the optical drive, disk controller chip, CPU, disk drive, display, keyboard, sound and video are arranged in order, and the bottom is the display card. To find out which kind of hardware information, just click on the "+" in front of it to expand the content below it.

In addition to the general hardware information, you can learn more about the motherboard chip, sound card and hard disk working mode. The webpage teaching network reminds everyone, for example, that you want to view the working mode of the hard disk. Just double-click the corresponding IDE channel to pop up the property window. In the property window, you can check the device type and transmission mode of the hard disk. These are not available on the boot screen.

It should be noted that the device manager provided in the operating system before Windows XP can not be used to view the CPU operating frequency. Fortunately, we also have DirectX diagnostic tools.

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