Win98, Win2K multiple operating system uninstall method


Many friends installed 98 and win2k dual system, in order to stabilize, win2k is in the area using ntfs5 partition format, but please God easy to send God difficult. In order to uninstall win2k, I spent a lot of thoughts. Now solve for several major phenomena:

A. 98 is installed in the C drive, win2k is installed on the D drive, using the partition format of ntfs5. You can run the win2k installer again under 98 to fix the installation. In the process of installation, choose to convert the partition to fat, restart the computer, and then delete or format it under 98. Then use the system disk, sys c:. (Or refer to the author's above method of restoring 98 system)

B. If you want to re-establish the partition during the installation process, you can choose to delete the partition during the installation process.

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