What should I do if the minesweeper game is deleted in the WinXP system?


It is well known that the mini-games built into the WinXP system are well received by users, and the mine-sweeping game is very popular among users. A user response minesweeper game was accidentally deleted, and I don't know how to recover it. This article describes the method of recovery.

1, open & ldquo; start & rdquo;

2, click on the & ldquo; run & rdquo ;.

3, enter & ldquo; winmine & rdquo ;, click & ldquo; determining & rdquo ;.

4, game & ldquo; demining & rdquo; appear.

WinXP system in the above-mentioned method is a minesweeper recovery after being deleted. Users who like to play minesweeper can easily find this game by running the window.

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