How to repair the XP system Recycle Bin size through the registry can not be adjusted?


Recently, a user has encountered a problem that the size of the recycle bin cannot be modified in the XP system, and the maximum size slider of the recycle bin is gray. What should I do? In response to this problem, the following small series for everyone to introduce through the registry to fix the maximum size of the recycle bin can not be adjusted.


1, from the start menu, open & ldquo; run & rdquo; program, input regedit command, proceeds to the windows registry.

2, after entering the Registry Editor, first find the & ldquo; HKEY_CURRENT_USER & rdquo; this one key, and then open its sub-key entries.

3, then click open the [HKEY_CURRENT_USER \\ Software \\ Microsoft \\ Windows \\ CurrentVersion \\ Policies \\ Explorer] this path, the final selection of & ldquo; Explorer & rdquo; this one.

4, then to & ldquo; Explorer & rdquo; the right side of the window, locate the & ldquo; RecycleBinSize & rdquo; this one, double click it to open its modification window.

5, DWROD value after the edit window, the value in the data displayed is the current value of the maximum size of the trash, 32, which is hexadecimal, if converted to decimal as 50, that is, the recycle bin is 50% of the partition disk.

6, if you want to modify its value, you can choose & ldquo; & rdquo ;, decimal because many people do not understand hexadecimal, decimal to the best nominal, changing for the better, in Under the data value, enter 10, this is the system default, you can also customize.

7, then you can choose what to hex conversion, they would see as & ldquo; a & rdquo ;, equal to 10 decimal hexadecimal a, Exit Press OK to save, not to convert Also, in order to make everyone understand more, I switched it.

8, exit returns, see & ldquo; RecycleBinSize & rdquo; this one is a data or (10), and refresh the registry.

You can also use an easier way to solve the problem, right-click on the "RecycleBinSize" option, and then select "Delete", you can do it, the effect is the same as above.

These are the maximum amount of space trash problem can not be modified Xiaobian to introduce, if users encounter the same problem, can be handled by modifying the configuration or group policy registry, hope Can help everyone.

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