WinXP boot prompt Ntfs.sys lost how to do?

WinXP boot, if there is a "Missingor Corrupt Ntfs.sys" error, the system will always be in the boot process, can not enter the WinXP login interface. Ntfs.sys is an important system program for WinXP. If it is lost, it can only be solved through the fault repair console.
Start the computer with WinXP installation CD into the recovery console, and enter the directory of “windows\\system32\\drivers” by CD command. Enter “renntfs.sysntfs.old” to rename the corrupted “Ntfs.sys” file to “Ntfe.old” as shown in Figure 1. If the prompt does not find the “Ntfs.sys” file, the file has been lost.

Execution command “copyx:\\i386\ tfe.sysc:\\windows\\system32\\drivers”, copy the <quo;ntfs.sys” file from the CD to the drive directory of the c drive, as shown in Figure 2. Shown.

After copying Ntfs.sys, exit the Recovery Console and restart the computer. I believe that there will be no more error prompts. If there is any trouble for the user, you can download and install the latest WinXP system directly on this website.

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