How to solve the problem with WinXP computer?


I believe that everyone has a situation where there is no sound in the computer. If the computer has no sound, watching videos and listening to songs are not good. Recently, users of the WinXP system found that the computer had no sound when using the computer to watch the video, and thought that the sound was not turned on. It was found to be open later, but there was no sound. How to do? Now Xiaobian will talk to you about the WinXP computer without sound solution.

Specific steps:

1. There is no sound. Especially if there is no sound suddenly, you can check whether the plug is loose. . If there are other headphones or subwoofers, you can change them to see if there is a problem with the device! !

2. If you are reinstalling the system, there is no sound. Or the first time I use the office computer, there is no sound. This time it is probably a computer driver problem. We can right click on my computer and click on Properties - Hardware - Device Manager. If there is an exclamation point button in the sound, it means Drive error, you can double click to solve! !

3. Or we can use the driver to check it out. You can download a driver wizard to detect the driver for installing the computer! ! Update the sound card driver,

4. If you don't have access to the Realtek high-definition audio settings, click on the Control Panel - Realtek HD Audio Settings. There will be a disabled jack in it, you can click to view it! !

5, we can also see if the audio service is closed. Sometimes when the boot optimization is done, the service is disabled. We right click on my computer. Then click on Manage - Services. Then find the Windows Audio option to see if it is turned on, if not, turn it on and set it to automatic.

6. If there is no sound yet, it may be a device problem. There is a small copper wire inside the subwoofer, which was repaired after my broken. . Change the small copper wire, if the headset is not easy to repair, the equipment is basically broken to take the computer repair place to repair.

The WinXP computer has no sound solution to give you a detailed introduction here; if you have problems with the above problems, you may wish to try the above methods, maybe help you!

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