Windows XP SP3 can be upgraded to WinFLP and WEPOS


Now you can turn your xp sp3 system into Windows Embedded for Point of Service and Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs, as long as you download the latest Microsoft released patch that contains all the system security vulnerabilities before xp. You can also include the necessary applications for you to choose to upgrade to the WEPOS and WinFLP system platforms.

Windows Embedded for Point-of-Service is based on Microsoft ® Windows technology, an easy-to-use platform optimized for the retail industry.

Microsoft Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs are designed for Microsoft Software Assurance customers, a small Windows-based operating system solution designed to use older computers running older operating systems and are reluctant to purchase new hardware. Designed by customers. This solution not only provides a smooth migration to the latest hardware and operating systems, but also provides the same level of security and manageability as Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2).

This patch has 183m and requires more than 300m of hard disk space for installation.

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