How does the WinXP system open the soft keyboard?


I believe everyone knows that there is a soft keyboard function in the Windows operating system we use. When our keyboard can't be used or there is no keyboard, the keyboard can let you input the text of the mouse, then how about the XP system? Open the soft keyboard? Below, Xiaobian introduces the operation method of the XP system to open the soft keyboard.

Method 1

1. On the desktop of the computer, click [Start], click [Run], or directly press the shortcut key Win+R to open [Run].

2, the input osk in the operation, click OK.

3, this time will bring up the Windows system comes with the soft keyboard.

Method II

1, the input when the third-party text input method, the input right-click on the panel, as shown below.

2, the soft keyboard to select []. Then there will be a lot of soft keyboard options, there are pc soft keyboard, common symbols and many other soft keyboards.

3, select pc soft keyboard. As shown below.

4, and then pop the classic soft keyboard, you can use the keyboard instead of the mouse input.

In fact, the soft keyboard application major significance in the security field. Online shopping, input of Alipay passwords, etc. Operation with a soft keyboard is an important means of protecting information security, preventing Trojan viruses that record keyboard actions from stealing passwords.

The above small series introduces the operation method of the XP keyboard to open the soft keyboard. I still don't know how to open the soft keyboard of the XP system. Try the above steps to try it out.

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