How to solve the graying out of the taskbar in WinXP system?


In the process of using the computer, we will inevitably encounter some problems. For example, some users recently found that when the taskbar was set up, “Lock the taskbar”, this option became gray, which prevented the taskbar from being locked. What is going on here? How to solve this problem? In fact, we can use the registry to solve this problem, the following small series for everyone to introduce the WinXP system taskbar graying solution.

Method /Step:

1. Repair through the registry, the nature of the group policy modification is the same, but the method is different, the registry is the core component of the system, so when setting, you need cautious. Registry repair steps: Also open the "Run" program from the Start menu, then enter the regedit command, press OK, you can enter the Registry Editor.

2, after opening the Registry Editor window, select the five directly inside the root key & ldquo; HKEY_CURRENT_USER & rdquo; option, then combine the previous & ldquo; + & rdquo; symbol to open its children.

3, then click open the [HKEY_CURRENT_USER \\ Software \\ Microsoft \\ Windows \\ CurrentVersion \\ PolicIEs \\ Explorer] registry entries, Explorer finally selected this one.

4, to the right window, find the item called a LockTaskbar, this one function is to lock the taskbar.

5, double-click to open LockTaskbar items, a pop-up editing DWord value windows, in a data value, its current value is & ldquo; 1 & rdquo ;, modified as & ldquo; 0 & rdquo ;, then press & ldquo; Confirm & rdquo;, the modification is complete.

6, there is also a relatively simple method, that is, & ldquo; LockTaskbar & rdquo; right click on Options, select the menu inside & ldquo; & lsquo ;, then delete it to confirm the deletion.

These are the WinXP system Xiao Bian today to introduce the taskbar grayed solution, and the steps are very simple, as long as you can modify the registry.

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