How can I solve the problem that the XP system printer cannot be shared?


The printer is an indispensable office equipment in our daily work, and its importance is getting higher and higher with the times. In the XP system, the printer can not be shared for various reasons. I believe many users are still not clear. The following small series introduces you to the solution that the XP system printer cannot achieve sharing.

Operation steps:

1. First, we open the control panel through the start menu and click on the management tool.

2, open the Computer Management window management tools.

3, then click Users in Local Users and Groups, double-click to open the guest account, the account is disabled before removing the hook, turn the printer sharing permissions can be resolved at a depth of technical XP can not problem.

These are the XP system printer Xiaobian to introduce a shared solution can not be achieved, if a user encounters this problem above, you can follow the steps above.

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