XP system appears workstation service does not start how to solve?


In the process of using XP system, it is inevitable that some problems will be encountered. For example, some users recently used a shared printer when a wonderful pop-up "Workstation service did not start", what is going on? In fact, this is because when the system optimization is performed, the printer related workstation service is turned off. How to solve this problem? In fact, we can solve this problem by simply re-enabling the workstation service. The following small series for everyone XP system appears workstation service does not start the solution.


1, according to first open the Run Win + R, enter services.msc into the service.

2, find the service named workstation in the service, double-click to open, set the startup type to Automatic, and click the Start button, so you can solve the problem of the Workstation service does not start.

These are the solutions Workstation service does not start the XP system to introduce small series appear, if you have encountered such a problem, you can follow the steps above.

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