XP system software error message 0xc06d007e how to solve?


Recently, many users have turned on XP software error prompt 0xc06d007e when they open an application software in XP system. What is going on? In fact, this is because the page calls Windows Media Player. When the user installs a lite version of the system, using an over-simplified system will encounter problems caused by Windows Media Player component damage, then how to deal with this problem? Solve it? The following small series for everyone to introduce XP solution software error 0xc06d007e solution.


1, according to first open the Run window Win + R, type cmd into the command prompt.

2, execute the command in the command prompt for% 1 in (% windir% \\ system32 \\ *. dll) do regsvr32.exe /s% 1, restart the system after the completion of such It can solve the problem that the software error indication 0xc06d007e appears in the earth xp.

These are the solutions software exception of XP 0xc06d007e an error occurs, if you encounter more than this is the case, you can follow the above steps, the operation is completed, the error will not occur It is.

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