XP system prompts Rundll32.exe application error how to solve?


Recently, many users are constantly reflecting their Windows XP system computers. "Rundll32.exe application error" prompts, what is going on? In fact, this is caused by the destruction of the Rundll32.exe program in the computer. Below, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce XP solution prompt Rundll32.exe application error solution.

Before solving this problem, we must first know what Rundll32.exe is?

The Rundll32 process is a process that we can often see. This process is often exploited by viruses, and "execute 32-bit DLL files". Its role is to execute the internal functions in the DLL file, so in the process, there will only be Rundll32.exe, there will be no DLL backdoor process, so that the process is hidden.

If you see multiple Rundll32.exes in your system, don't panic, this proves how many DLL files are started with Rundll32.exe. Of course, what these DLL files are executed by Rundll32.exe, we can all find them from the place where the system is automatically loaded.

Rundll32.exe function prototypes used:

Void CALLBACK FunctionName (HWND hwnd, HINSTANCE hinst, LPTSTR lpCmdLine, Int nCmdShow);

command line which The usage method is: Rundll32.exe DLLname, Functionname [Arguments]

DLLname is the name of the DLL file to be executed; Functionname is the specific export function of the DLL file to be executed before; [Arguments] is the specific function of the export function parameter.

Experiment with restarting the machine with Rundll32: Click "Start - Program - Ms-Dos" & rdquo;, enter the Dos window, then type rundll32.exe user.exe, restartwindows, then press Enter, this You will see that the machine has been restarted!


here to note three points:

1.Dll file name can not contain spaces, such as the file is located in c: \\ ProgramFiles \\ directory You have to change this path to c:\\Progra~1\\;

2. The comma between the Dll file name and the Dll entry point cannot be less, otherwise the program will go wrong and will not give any information!

3. This is the most important point: Rundll not be used to call the return value parameter containing Dll, e.g. Win32API in GetUserName (), GetTextFace () and the like. In Visual Basic, an instruction shell for executing an external program is provided, in the format: Shell “command column”.

If you can use the Shell command with Rundll32.exe, your VB program will have the effect that it is difficult or impossible to achieve with other methods: still take the restart as an example, the traditional method requires you to first in the VB project. Create a module, then write a declaration to WinAPI, and finally call in the program. And now just one:

Shell & ldquo; rundll32.exe user.exe, restartwindows & rdquo; to get it!

In fact, Rundll32.exe has a unique advantage in calling various Windows control panels and system options.

These are the XP system Xiaobian to introduce Rundll32.exe application error prompt solution. If you encounter this situation, you can follow the above steps, after the operation is completed, there will be no more errors.

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