Win7 Ultimate system can not create a system restore point Win7 system can not restore how to do


What should I do if the win7 Ultimate system cannot create a system restore point? A restore point indicates the storage state of a computer system file.  quo;System Restore  creates restore points at specific intervals and also creates restore points when it detects a change in the computer, which helps you restore your computer's system files to an earlier restore point in a timely manner. This method can undo system changes to the computer without affecting personal files. Let's take a look at the solution that can't be restored under the win7 Ultimate system. The Win7 system can't be restored.

1. First use the right mouse button to win the system desktop of the win7 system, select the “ ”;

2. In the pop-up window, select the left side of the system protection <quo;;

3. Switch to the “System Protection” tab and select the system drive letter. (The drive letter of the system file), usually the first drive letter C drive & mdash; Click “Configure (D)”— Click “Restore system settings and previous versions of files 

4. Go back to “system protection& rdquo; tab — still click the drive letter C drive & mdash where the system file is located; click below to create ”— create a restore point for the current time, click OK Exit;

Usually the win7 system can not create a restore point because there is no system restore function for the C drive where the system file is located. If you want to successfully create a restore point, you can only set it by manual operation. . Win7 Ultimate system can not create a system restore point to share with you here

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