10 major problems have plagued Windows operating system for a long time

As we all know, Microsoft has been releasing the Windows system for a long time, but every time you talk about the topic, it will lead to a lot of interest, which has aroused great concern. Today, Xiaobian compiled a list of professional websites. Microsoft must start to solve the top ten problems that plague the Windows operating system. The following is a summary of the article:
1, too complacent
Over the years, Microsoft has embodied the Windows operating system. Out of self-satisfaction. To some extent, this is understandable. After all, Microsoft needs to continue to develop Windows operating systems based on its original applications. But for Microsoft, it is time to change the original program and hardware. Too much complacency with the original program has led to the slower development of the Windows operating system, and it takes up too much processing space on the user's personal computer. This problem also makes the Windows operating system more vulnerable to malicious programs. Therefore, being too complacent about Windows is a problem that Microsoft should take the lead in solving.
2, the real security problem
At the beginning of the market, the biggest point around Windows 7 is that the system is far more secure than Windows Vista. Most observations show that the security of Windows 7 has indeed improved a lot. But the system is often plagued by security issues ranging from data theft to complete hardware crashes. In other words, the security risks affecting Windows are very real and serious problems. Microsoft must do everything in its power to continue to prevent cyber hackers from continuing attacks against Windows.
3, security issues are getting worse
As security issues continue to plague Windows users around the world, this problem is showing increasing momentum. A few years ago, it was much easier to remove Windows security risks than it is now. At present, more and more users find that their personal information is easily stolen by hackers, and the system risk of Windows seems to become more and more difficult to control. In the past few years, many cyber security experts and many companies have pointed out that security threats to Windows will become increasingly difficult to control. Since Windows is always the main target for cyber hacking, Microsoft has a responsibility to control the growing security issues.
4. Lack of online app store
On January 6 this year, Apple launched the long-awaited Mac App Store online app store, which users can download to Mac OS X Snow Leopard in the Mac App Store. In the operating system. Apple's move is to follow the promotion model of the iPad and iPhone online app store. But to make Mac OS X a more attractive operating system, Apple still has a long way to go.
As of now, Microsoft has not yet launched the online app store for Windows 7, and programmers and users are beginning to see it as a major flaw in Windows. The longer Microsoft's time to launch the Windows 7 app store is delayed, more and more programmers will turn to develop applications for the Apple Mac OS X operating system. In the process, users seeking a diversified operating system are likely to switch to Mac OS X. This is the result Microsoft is most reluctant to see.
5, get rid of "evil empire" title "
In the past few years, Microsoft has been praised by industry critics for its use of Windows technology, "Evil Empire" title. This has become one of the biggest problems that Microsoft urgently needs to solve. However, more far-sighted industry analysts have realized that Microsoft's influence within the technology industry has declined in recent years. Microsoft is still the master of the PC operating system market. It is for this reason that many users who are dissatisfied with Microsoft's current technological monopoly advantage and who do not want to contribute to the financial performance of Microsoft's "evil empire" have switched to other operations. system. Unless there is a way to solve this problem, Windows will be increasingly criticized by users for continuing to be Microsoft's dominant operating system market and money-making tools.
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