Easy to implement small games from Win2003 to Win2003


Although many people are playing CS, legend, miracle, three countries and many other large games, but there are still many friends on Windows with minesweeper, solitaire and other small games I have a special liking, and I have had some fun in sweeping mines after work. In Windows Server 2003, there is no such small game that you can't tire of. Isn't it possible to have both a fish and a bear's paw? Can you just abandon these games for 2003? After groping, you finally succeeded in small windows xp. The game is ported to Windows Server 2003. The implementation process is as follows:

Tip: The following operation is based on the installation of Windosw Server 2003 on the C drive. You can change the drive letter in the article according to your actual situation. Otherwise, An error occurred.

1. Put the windows xp installation CD into the CD-ROM drive, open it with the resource manager in Windows 2003, and find the ZONEOC.DL_ file located in the X:I386 directory (X is the drive letter of the CD-ROM drive, please modify it yourself) , the same below), open the ZONEOC.DL_ file with WINRAR or winzip, and release it to the C:WindowsSystem32Setup folder (C is the drive letter of the Windows Server 2003 operating system, please modify it yourself, the same below) to form zoneoc.dll Form, size 9KB. You can also type directly in the Run dialog or at the command line prompt: <;EXPAND X:I386ZONEOC.DL_ C:WindowsSystem32Setupzoneoc.dll” (quotes do not have to be entered).

2, find three files in the X:I386 directory GAMES.IN_, IGAMES.IN_, PINBALL.IN_, open these three files with WINRAR or winzip, and release to C:WindowsINF Under the folder, forms games.inf (18KB), igames.inf (13KB), and pinball.inf (7KB). You can also enter them directly in the Run dialog or at the command prompt: “EXPAND X:I386GAMES.IN_ C:WindowsINFgames.inf”,“EXPAND X:I386IGAMES.IN_ C:WindowsINFigames.inf”,“EXPAND X: I386PINBALL.IN_C: WindowsINFpinball.inf”.

3, open the C:WindowsInfSYSOC.INF file with Notepad, find "MultiM=ocgen.dll,OcEntry,multimed.inf,HIDE,7" under the [Components] section, below it Add the following content, as shown in Figure 1:
Figure 1


Pinball=ocgen.dll,OcEntry,pinball .inf,HIDE,7


4. Click “Start-->Set-->Control Panel ”, open the control panel, double-click "Add or Remove Programs", open the "Add or Remove Programs" window, click the "Add or Remove Windows Components" button, pop-up "Windows Components Wizard" window Double-click the "Components" box in the text box "Accessories and Tools" and select the "Game" check box in the pop-up "Accessories and Tools" window, as shown in Figure 2. Click the "OK" button to return to the Windows Components Wizard window. In the "Make sure" <;Components" text box"Accessories and Tools> checkboxes (ie checkmarks), click &ldquo The next step is ”.
Fig. 2

5, Windows starts to configure the component, and at the same time displays a blue installation progress bar below, when the ClusSprt.dll file needs to be popped up, put the Windows Server 2003 installation CD into the CD-ROM drive, and Use the “Browse” button to navigate to the CLUSSPRT.DL_ file in the I386 folder (or the folder where the 2003 installation files are located on the hard disk). As shown in Figure 3, click the “OK” button. Previous12Next page Total 2 pages

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