Let's put aside the restrictions! Let win2008 force the password to change regularly. Go to


As a service-oriented win2008 system, its security and stability can be said to be comparable with win2003, but because of this security, let the system more A lot of annoying operations, this does not win2008 default mandatory to change the password periodically, the user is a headache, enough to bind, how to turn it off?

The method is as follows:

1, Press the windows key + R (or point start --- move) to open the run window, enter gpmc.msc and press Enter, pop up & rdquo; Group Policy Management Console & rdquo; window

2, the tree on the left In the directory, click “Group Policy Object” & rdquo;——>Find“default domain policy”, click the right mouse button and select “Edit” to open the “Group Policy Management Editor” window. the following figure expand menu:

here there is a corresponding password policy, you can change according to their own requirements, does not recommend disabling all.

3. Open “Run”, enter “cmd” and press Enter to open the dos window and enter ”gpupdate /force” to force the update policy.

4, the password policy has been set successfully.

In order to better protect the security of the system, this setting of win2008 system can be understood, but this mandatory periodic change of password is really troublesome, and it also causes too much restraint for users. If you want to let go of the bondage, still hesitate, and act quickly.

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