Windows server 2008 system basic optimization skills


Windows 2008 system was introduced as a server, so in many details of the system have been very strict settings to ensure system stability and security, and this The entertainment operating system has this big difference. In order to make the win2008 system more user-friendly, users can optimize the system fundamentally.

Windows 2008 Basic Optimization Tips:

1. When you cancel the login, press “ctrl+alt+del”Login System

Start Menu---Administrative Tools--- Local Security Policy

Go to: Local Policy--Security Options

Find: Interactive login without pressing ctrl+alt+del

and then double-click, set to “ Enable ”

This way you can log in to the system directly by entering your password each time you turn it on.

2. Speed ​​up login time

Close “Shutdown event tracking”

If you don't want to see the "Shutdown Event Tracking" dialog box every time you shut down

Run the input in the Start menu <;gpedit.msc” Open Group Policy Editor

Go to: Computer Configuration--Administrative Template--System

Find the "Close Event Tracker" at the bottom"

Double-click to enter the property, set to “Disable ” It can be

3, adjust the default IE ESC (IE enhanced security settings )

2008's ie7 has security settings enabled by default. If you don't modify it, every time you open a new website, you will ask if it is a secure site. As a server, you can improve the security of the server, but If you use it as a desktop, it will be annoying.

Open “Server Manager", click “Configure IE ESC>Set"Administrator" and "User" are "disable" in the "Security Information" Can be solved

4, when used as a desktop system, we need to make some adjustments to 2008:

Adjust system performance

Enter the control panel system and maintenance, open “Advanced System Settings> Select Performance “Settings> Select “Adjust to Best Performance under the "Visual Effects" tab; “Processor Plan under "Advanced" tab> Select “Program" in the "Advanced" tab under "Virtual Memory" Select <; Let the system automatically manage> Under the "Data Execution Protection" tab, select “ for basic windows services only And the program enables DEP”

Click “Add Features> Enter the Add Features interface and check the ".NET Framework 3.0 Features", "High Quality Windows Audio Video Experience & rdquo;, “Simple TCP/IP Service”, “Desktop Experience” (If you want to open the AERO glass effect, also check “Windows PowerShell") and click Install (requires restarting the computer) In the "Services", set the “Themes” service to be automatic and open in the "Control Panel, Appearance and Personalization" in the vista theme.

After completing the above steps, the Windows Media Player will also be automatically added to the starting program group

5, open the image preview

windows2008 does not open the image preview function by default, you can Open the image preview function as shown below

Go to the folder option of the control panel, and find “Always show the icon, never display the thumbnail” under the View tab. “Cancel the previous “Check” & rdquo; Br>

6, use ClearType fonts

If you think that the fonts below 2008 show flash, you can enable ClearType fonts to make the fonts look more beautiful, open the control panel and go to <;Appearance settings> Click to talk In the lower right corner of the box, click "Use Effect", then check Use ClearType

7. Disable UAC prompt

Run msconfig ----Tools---Disable UAC Select to start

8, install IIS7 (for website use)

Server Management Configuration---Roles---Add Role---Web Server (IIS) Installation Tips

9 , turn on hardware acceleration

Right click on the desktop “Personalization”——“Display Settings”——“Advanced Settings 

“Troubleshoot”——“Change Settings&rdquo Sliding the hardware acceleration to the maximum

10, optimizing the foreground program running

If you don't want to open multitasking while browsing the web, feel the card when listening to music, you need to prioritize performance. The foreground program comes up

Open”Advanced System Settings“——“Advanced”——”Performance"

Priority”Program“not" [Background services <;

<;Data Execution Protection—— Enable DEP for basic Windows programs and services only;

As a server system and as a system for entertainment operations The big difference is that the Windows server 2008 system is like this. It has made special settings in the system. Users who just use Windows Server 2008 will definitely have a lot of unaccustomed at first, so users can do it themselves. To optimize the Windows server 2008 system.

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