Win7 32-bit system to add wireless Bluetooth keyboard specific method


The types of mouse are wireless and wired, but a new type of Bluetooth mouse is added. The Bluetooth keyboard refers to the keyboard that performs wireless transmission through the Bluetooth protocol and performs Bluetooth communication within an effective range, that is, the Bluetooth keyboard is wireless. Just like our wireless mouse, it is extremely convenient to use, but the maximum range is only 10 meters. So how do you add a wireless Bluetooth keyboard to the win7 32-bit system? I don't know if you can refer to the following tutorial later.

Operating steps:

1. Open the win7 32-bit system control panel and enter Bluetooth in the search box in the upper right corner.

2, click to add after searching. Bluetooth device;

3. After clicking Add, Bluetooth will automatically search for Bluetooth devices. Try to put the Bluetooth device close to the computer. When you find a small keyboard icon, it is the keyboard device we need. Double click to connect. ;

4, then the system will prompt you to enter the pairing password on the keyboard to achieve pairing, hit the number he prompted on the keyboard and press the Enter key;

5, then the system will show that adding equipment is successful, we can use our dear Bluetooth keyboard.

Win7 32-bit system to add a wireless Bluetooth keyboard is so simple, users in need can operate, I hope to help everyone.

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