Win10 how to summon small ice to win Windows10 genuine serial number?


Soft added the intelligent voice assistant Cotana Microsoft Xiaona in the Win10 system, and can summon Xiaobing at the same time, and Xiao Bing here is already the third generation product, with a new visual and sound sensory system, for example, you can judge your Yan value and so on. Now Xiao Bing announced that within 14 days, users will have the opportunity to get the Win10 serial number or the Android version of the Xiaona invitation code.

Open Microsoft Xiaona on the Win10 system, text or voice input "Summon Little Ice", you can participate in the Xiaobing dialogue, Xiao Bing said, "In the next 14 days, As long as you have a photo of the flyer, you can tell you in a moment: your appearance is ugly to the table or the ultimate. Early adopters will have gifts. When I am happy, I will send my sister Xiaona’s Android invitation code, but when I am not happy, I will send the Windows10 serial number. ”

To Xiao Bing said: "I want to brush the face value"
Maybe a friend is very strange to Microsoft Xiao Bing, after reading this article, still do not know how to operate, Then you can refer to this more detailed, reference: How does Win10 summon Microsoft's small ice brush value?
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