Win10 joins a new browser Spartan will replace IE as the default browser


In Windows 10, Microsoft joined a brand new browser "Spartan", which means that the IE we are familiar with is about to be buried in the dust of history.

Today, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer Chris Capossela confirmed that Microsoft is currently naming a new browser for Windows 10 and building a brand new brand that will replace IE as the default browser in the future.

Chris Capossela said that the name of this browser will definitely be added with the words "Microsoft", which will attract a large number of Chrome users to switch over (this is Logic?), after all, Microsoft This name is very appealing.

Of course, this does not mean that IE will disappear completely. Chris Capossela said that IE will still be installed in some versions of Windows 10, mainly for business users.

As for individual users, Sparta welcomes you, Windows's own browser can finally say goodbye to slow card ugly.

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