The Win10 system backup method restores the system when necessary.


After the Windows system is installed, it is necessary to back up the backup system, because it can recover quickly and timely when the system is faulty. Win10 preview version should do a good job of system backup, because Win0 preview version is not as stable as before, it is more prone to various errors, then how to backup Win10 system?

Win10 system backup operation method:

Click the Win10 system's start menu, and then click on the control panel in the menu, as shown below.

Click on System and Security in the Control Panel as shown below.

Click to open the System and Security window, then click on File History as shown below.

Click on "System Image Backup" in the lower left corner of the file history, as shown below.
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Create a system image backup interface, the system automatically searches for backup devices, as shown below.

After the search is finished, select the save partition of the system backup file. There are three kinds of backup media to choose from, hard disk (including U disk), CD, and network. As shown below.

Select the system partition and system reservation (boot partition) that need to be backed up, click Next to start the backup, as shown below.

Click Next, the system will start the backup, and the system image backup file will be generated after the backup is successful. As shown below.

The above is the Win10 system backup method, and the Win10 users who have not yet backed up the system, quickly back up their own system, so as to avoid some system problems.

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