Tips for getting Win7 system to download offline in hibernation


A lot of friends will download movies or large files online. Usually, it takes a long time to download. If we don't do any operation on the system, then the system will go to sleep. Our download will be automatically terminated, so is there any way for the computer to continue to download while in the sleep state when we have not done anything, today Xiaobian to teach you how to.

1. First, click “Start——Run”, open the Run window, type "“Regedit" in the input field; press Enter. As shown below:

2. In the pop-up registry editing window, open “HKEY_LOCAL_MacHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\SessionManager\\Power”, and then in the blank space on the right Right-click with the mouse to create a new value of "Dword32 bit", named "AwayModeEnabled"; as shown below:

3. Next double-click "AwayModeEnabled" In the edit window that pops up, enter “1” in the numeric data, and then save and exit; as shown below:

Through the above method, you can achieve sleep The function of continuing offline download in the state, you only need to delete the above key value when you do not need this function.

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