Microsoft launched a new "Win 10 Demo" website to help newcomers get started quickly


Computer Store News: Microsoft is committed to making users feel very familiar with Win10. Microsoft believes that users who have used older versions of Windows will be more satisfied with the improved recovery of the Windows 10 desktop. Windows 10 introduced the Metro/Modern design for the first time, and it also reflects the balance of mobile devices. In addition, Microsoft is also sparing no effort to promote Windows 10 for new and old Windows users.

At present, Microsoft is sparing no effort to promote the new system. Some time ago, Microsoft introduced the new features in Win10 through a series of videos. But this is obviously not enough. When Win8 was launched, many users were not used to using the new operating system due to lack of guidance. Now that Microsoft has learned the experience, in order to make it easy for users to get started with Win10, an interactive web presentation site has been created, where users can view the basic operations of Win10 on desktop PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

Demos include interactive Q&A, video walkthroughs, and device-specific layouts and information. The options that users can browse are as follows:

• Work on any of my devices

• Meet Cortana

• Do more work

• Well-organized processing tasks

• Get applications

• Personalize my computer

• Stay in touch

• Browse the web

• Managing Photos

• Using Maps

The new Web Demo site is a comprehensive overview of Windows 10 PCs, tablets and mobiles. Combined with YouTube videos and recent TV commercials, this is Microsoft's biggest effort to promote Windows 10. For many people, the biggest drawback of Windows 8 is the lack of guidance at the time of release, which causes Windows 8 to have some knowledge of some new features, details, and so on.

All of what Microsoft does is to familiarize users and make Windows 10 an operating system familiar to both new and experienced users.

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