WinNote version of OneNote download: increase OneDrive /paper


Computer Store News: Microsoft announced that OneDrive's new cloud storage is online, and the WP8 platform is also coming to the OneDrive app. On February 21st, the Office team pushed the new OneNote app to the Win8.1 platform, adding OneDrive sync service, paper format and quick location notes.

This Win8.1 version of the OnoNote update log:

• Added OneNote synchronization support

When Win8.1 users first use OneNote, the application will prompt the user to log in to Microsoft. In order to use the normal function of OneNote.

• Paper displays baseline and grid line styles

Operation: Just open the blank area of ​​your personal note and right click to open OneNote. Paper & rdquo; menu for easy switching of paper line styles.

• Add “go to the location of the notes"

How to quickly access recent notes, right under the new OneNote app, right click on the current note page , you can use “go to the location of the notes" function, quickly locate

• other performance improvements and optimizations

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