Apple User Reviews: Why do I like Windows 8


I have been using Apple for 11 years. Since I chose Apple, I have never thought about it one day. I would say this: "I am very excited about the future version of Windows." This fall. Windows 8 will be officially released, completely overturning the traditional architecture from Windows 95 to the present 17 years.

Windows 8 is a brand new product. He runs on both traditional desktop devices and touch panels. At first glance, you will notice that the traditional start menu is gone. Become a gorgeous layout with all the programs and files you like. Microsoft said this thing Metro interface. These gorgeous subtitles allow you to keep up with news, sports, weather and Twitter messages and Facebook updates without opening the app. This way you can get to know the news as quickly as possible. So I am looking forward to being excited to try to use the Windows 8 system released this fall. Last week, I tried the consumer preview of Windows 8, although now the Metro interface is not the traditional way of mouse operation, but the maximum use of the finger, this may take a while to adapt. But once you've used Windows 8, you're sure to be shocked by the new operating mode and the Metro interface, the most successful combination of tradition and novelty. While Apple is slowly integrating the mobile system into the desktop to achieve the same effect as the iPhone, Windows 8 has made a bold attempt to integrate more computer computing into touch-friendly tablets and mobile phones. This is enough for me to be a fan of Apple for 11 years. Of course, Windows 8 is still a bit early, but if Microsoft's latest system is enough to attract our customers, I might consider doing something right.

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