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Software giant Microsoft has been at least strong in the browser field for ten years, but from the recent situation, its Internet Explorer browser share is gradually falling . In 2003, Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser market share was as high as 90%, but as market competition intensified and countries' monopoly pressure increased, Internet Explorer market share has so far dropped to about 60%, and this surplus 60% of users are still only some corporate users and non-professional home users, and highly sophisticated people have already gone to other browsers.

In order to effectively stop the dangerous situation of browser share decline, Microsoft officially developed Internet Explorer 9, and a large number of new technologies have been adopted in Internet Explorer 9 products. Today, Internet Explorer Beta has been officially released, and The download has been opened to users around the world. Microsoft Internet Explorer uses a new interface, which is the inevitable result of fierce market competition. The change of Internet Explorer is quite obvious. It is a radical revolution. Its UI interface has achieved the most basic split and reorganization. The address bar and search bar have been mixed. In addition, the browser also includes the advancement. Back, home, collection, and tools. The menu bar is hidden and the user can call it by tapping the Alt key.

In addition, Internet Explorer 9 features direct and direct access to the website directly through the Windows 7 taskbar. Users only need to drag a label to the taskbar. In addition, Internet Explorer 9 supports a new download manager that automatically checks for malware and lets users choose to pause or restart the download. At the same time, Internet Explorer 9 also comes with a performance advisory feature that allows users to know exactly what extensions are causing the browser to slow down. Finally, it also supports speed dial-up "new tags" and other features.

In the case of a glimpse, we can only say that Internet Explorer 9 provides us with not only the visible benefits, but the most powerful part of it is in the field of performance and compatibility. Hardware acceleration allows you to take full advantage of the extra performance of your computer's GPU or graphics card, especially when loading some load-based graphics. This is a new version of Internet Explorer 9 with HTML5, CSS3, and SVG2. The compatibility is also better. Even if it's just a few simple things, such as switching between windows, it's said that Internet Explorer 9 is much smoother than Firefox 4.

Obviously, for users who have already used Firefox, Chrome or Opera browsers, it will still be hesitant to devote themselves to Internet Explorer 9 but an industry insider is trying to appreciate Internet Explorer 9 hours. Since then, I have sincerely said that this new web browser can really give users a completely different experience. As for whether Internet Explorer 9 is the current best browser, it may be worthwhile for everyone to spend 15 minutes of short time to experience it. This is a true fact. Currently, Microsoft has provided Internet Explorer 9 Beta for platforms such as Windows Vista x86/x64 and Windows 7 x86/x64.

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