Simple analysis of 25 shortcomings of Windows Vista


After the release of Windows Vista, the CRN Test Center gave 25 shortcomings of Vista. It's not nitpicking, just reminding the upgrade user to pay attention to avoid trouble. Many of these issues have been mentioned, and it is not a "patent" of Vista. Every time we upgrade the system, we must all overcome these "pain."

1, SMB2

Microsoft upgraded the Server Information Block (SMB) protocol in Vista and added the second generation "SMB2". SMB is mainly used to share files, printers, serial ports, etc. through the network, but SMB2 may cause problems for networks connected to non-Microsoft systems (Linux, Samba, etc.).

2. Hardware

This problem has caused countless saliva, just like every major upgrade in history. This is an inevitable and unavoidable process: to enjoy, you have to pay.

3, anti-virus

While Vista integrates a lot of security features, Microsoft wants to claim that Vista does not need to install anti-virus software, but it turns out that this is obviously not enough, and most third-party anti-virus anti-virus software Not yet compatible with Vista, time is running out.

4, Drivers

While Vista comes with nearly 20,000 drivers and offers more than 10,000 upgrades, it’s not enough today’s hardware products are growing, and Most of these drivers are from Microsoft. To really play the hardware potential, they have to rely on the drivers of third-party vendors, but they are not ready yet.

5, compatibility

In fact, Vista does not do well, most common programs are no problem, but many third-party software is not fully compatible. In addition, Microsoft has always refused to provide an incompatible list.

6, memory

Speaking of system resource consumption, memory bears the brunt. Want to make Vista run smoothly, 2GB is a must, 4GB is no better.

7, version

Although Microsoft slightly reduced the version of Vista, there are still five, plus the difference between the 32-bit version and the 64-bit version, as well as the lite version (N), The difference between each other is dazzling.

8, Activation

The "activation" mechanism introduced by XP has been intensified in Vista, even if the enterprise deployment is reactivated every 180 days, but the history proves...

9, space

After the general installation, Vista can eat 10GB of space, and according to Microsoft's recommendation, the system partition is best 15-20GB.

10, system backup

In conjunction with the ninth article, it is also very difficult to back up the Vista system.

11. Necessity

Unlike Windows 95 or Windows 2000, Windows Vista doesn't seem to have any reason to use it. It can be a bunch of rejections. Of course, in the end, it will be Vista's world, whether we like it or not.

12, Learning

The difference between Vista and XP is not just a beautiful appearance. How to master the new system well is a large-scale examination in front of users.

13, the price

Upgrading to Vista is costly, hardware, systems, porting, etc. are very costly.

14, hardware vendor support

Although PC manufacturers are enthusiastic about Vista, there is no limit, but first- and second-line hardware vendors seem to be not too slow, providing Vista. The pace of compatible systems is not fast.

15. Backup function

Vista's own backup function is not perfect, and it is better than XP. Third-party programs should be the choice of most people.

16. Conference Features

Although Microsoft is touting collaboration, such as Office System, Vista is not doing well, such as VoIP capabilities.

17, User Access Control (UAC)

The lack of intelligent protection mechanism is annoying, Microsoft's kindness is also counterproductive, you have to repeatedly confirm the running of a scheduled task.

18, cumbersome

Vista gives more choices, but often hides too deep, not according to the tutorial point seven or eighty times, the mouse can not find where, and Many places are not human enough, such as the shutdown menu designed by many experts for many years.

19, Installation

Vista installation has improved a lot, but it is still not enough, no one is willing to sit on the progress bar for a long time.

20, hybrid hard drive

is likely to bring a lot of performance enhancements, but the actual product is still far away, the degree of support is not optimistic. There is also ReadyBoost.

21, 50 million lines of code

Despite five years and countless tests, how many bugs and vulnerabilities are hidden in the super-large code? No matter how hard, one after another A patch will inevitably continue to follow.

22, Volume Activation 2.0

VLK is gone, KMS is coming. The new struggle has begun.

23, Missing Features

Recalling the year, Microsoft promised to give us a lot of guarantees, but over time, a new feature was cut off, such as WinFS system, virtual files Clip and so on.

24, the disappearance of some protocols

IPX, Gopher, WebDAV, NetDDE, AppleTalk, etc. are not supported by vista.

25, WordPad

WordPad can no longer open .doc files. Buy Office.

The above are all the words of CRN. The aunts can listen to them. They are not all reasonable and quite arrogant. For example, backup and activation are said separately.

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