Windows Vista System Security Mode Application Tips


Users who have a certain understanding of the computer must not be familiar with the security mode. When there is a problem in the system, after entering the safe mode, only a simple operation is required, and the system can be restored as usual. In addition, many software, especially anti-virus software, are also recommended to run in safe mode. But how much do you know about the avant-garde vista system security model? How to enter Vista security mode

Security mode is a special mode of Windows system, saying that it is special because in safe mode, the system will run in the minimum mode as much as possible, so many third-party device drivers and programs It will not load when the system starts. It is for these reasons that system failures can be better maintained and fixed in safe mode.

There are two ways to enter the safe mode of vista. First, when the system completes the bios self-test, press the F8 key quickly, and then enter the system startup mode selection menu, select "safe mode" That's it. In addition, you can also start the system in normal mode, click the start button and enter msconfig, then come back and open the system configuration, enter the system configuration /start, check the safe start and press OK. At this time, you will be prompted to restart. Click "OK" and restart the system to automatically enter safe mode.

After booting, press the ctrl key of the keyboard to enter the startup mode selection interface. The msconfig method is also applicable to the windows xp system. In addition, if the system automatically enters the security mode every time the system is turned on, the security boot is removed. The choice can be solved.

Vista security mode classification

There are not only one security mode, it contains the following common modes, you can choose according to your needs when there is a problem in the system. The right security mode is gone.

Safe Mode:
Loads only the most basic driver and system files of the system, and does not support network connections.

Safe mode with network connection:
Added support for network connection based on security mode, but some network software can not run normally, can be used for debugging network or detecting malware .

Safe mode with command prompt:
It can be said that it is the simplest security mode. In the login window, you only see the command prompt. This mode naturally does not support network connection. .

Low resolution video mode:
The screen resolution cannot be modified in this mode, but the driver can be reinstalled for repair and uninstallation when the graphics card driver is abnormal.

The last correct configuration:
Start the system according to the registry and driver when the system was last closed. When the settings are abnormal, the system can be repaired, but the file or driver cannot be solved. Waiting for the situation.

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