Install Vista with a mobile hard drive

Because Microsoft has changed the distribution strategy of Windows Vista, it is a very troublesome thing for users who don't have an installation CD but no DVD burner. At this point, we can use the mobile hard disk to do it, I believe that it is not a troublesome thing to find a mobile hard disk with a capacity of more than 5GB:

First step: First, we need to divide a 5GB master on the mobile hard disk. Partition, right click on the computer icon on the desktop, select “ Manage & Rarr; Computer Management & Rarr; Disk Management & rdquo; right click on the partition from the shortcut menu, select "ldquo; mark the disk partition as active", or you can install Norton PartitionMagic 8.0 to do it.

Step 2: Copy all the files on the Windows Vista installation CD to the activated primary partition. If the image file can be copied by Daemon Tools, it can be copied.

Step 3: In the Run dialog box, type “cmd” into the command prompt environment, enter the following command and run: x:\\boot\\bootsect /nt60 x: Here “x” is mobile The drive letter of the hard disk, and the above command is to make the mobile hard disk a bootable partition. The next operation is relatively simple, reboot, now of course is to boot the system from the mobile hard disk, please note that in the BIOS set to "USB-HDD", can not be set to boot the mobile device, the next installation process and CD There is no difference in the boot CD, you can format the C drive to complete the single system installation task.

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