Improve multi-threaded download speed in Vista


In Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced a new feature called "Auto Tuning" for TCP/IP. In theory, "Auto Tuning" can be adjusted according to network application. Optimize to increase network transmission rate. In the default settings of Windows Vista, "Auto Tuning" is automatically enabled.

However, in practical applications, "Auto Tuning" sometimes does not work as expected, especially when the network card uses a third-party driver, and even greatly reduces the network connection speed. According to the specific conditions of the system, the specific faults caused by "Auto Tuning" include slow and even unable to log in to Live Messenger, slow browsing of shared resources in the LAN environment, etc. In addition, many people have found that in Windows Vista, when When using multi-threaded download tools such as FlashGet, BT, etc., in multiple concurrently connected applications, the download speed is significantly lower than in previous versions in Windows XP.

Of course, such faults are not necessarily caused by "Auto Tuning". However, in general, when we troubleshoot, first disable "Auto Tuning" to see if the situation improves, it should be a good starting point.

Steps to disable "Auto Tuning"

To disable "Auto Tuning", the setup steps are quite simple:

1, first, open a command line window with administrator privileges , or refer to Quick introduction in the command line window with administrator privileges;

2, type in the command line:

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disable

When the operation finishes returning to "OK", restart the system.

If the fault persists after disabling Auto Tuning, it may be due to other reasons and you need to check the settings further. At this point, you can re-enable "Auto Tuning" and follow the steps above to enter in the command line window with administrator privileges:

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal

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