What backup work does WinXP do before reinstalling?

There are still many friends who are using the classic WinXP system. Now it is no longer so stable. Some small problems will cause it to crash, and once some problems occur, the solution is very complicated, so reloading becomes a lot. The best way for people to deal with system crashes. So what backup work should we do before reinstalling the WinXP system? Here are the top 10 backup jobs organized by Xiaobian. You can take a look together.

1. Backup hard disk data
Hard disk data includes main boot sector, operating system boot sector, FAT table, DIR table, etc. This is the basis for the normal startup of the computer system, therefore, timely backup Good hard drive data is the first thing. For the backup of hard disk data, the best method is anti-virus software. It is recommended to use “Rising” anti-virus software, because it can not only backup the above hard disk data, but also allow users to set the time for automatic backup. Open the “Rising Stars” main interface, click the “Settings” button, select “Options”, and then click the “Hard Disk Backup (B)” button to set the way to back up the hard disk data. In the future, “Rising” will automatically back up the hard drive data according to the method you set.
If there is no "Rising", then you can also use KV3000 to back up. After typing the KV3000/B command at the DOS command prompt, the system will output two virus-free hard disk master boot information files to the floppy disk, ie HDPT. .DAT and HFBOOT.DAT, these two files are the partition table of the hard disk and the information of the master boot record.
Note: The backup hard disk data is only valid for the current hard disk partition status. If the hard disk is repartitioned or the partition size is adjusted later, it should be backed up.
Second, the backup registry
The registry stores all the settings of the computer and the registration information of various software and hardware, so its importance is self-evident, so timely backup of the registry is an extremely important job. . The backup method is very simple, just enter “Regedit” in the "Run” dialog box and press Enter, then select “Export" under the "Registry" menu in “Registry Editor” The command will do, of course, don't forget to store this backup registry file in a non-system partition. Or directly copy the User.dat and System.dat files in the C:Windows directory to achieve the purpose of backing up the registry.
Three, backup driver
After reinstalling WinXP system, you need to install various hardware drivers, and finding and installing various types of graphics cards, sound card drivers is a big problem, if you lose the driver CD, That will make us anxious as "the ants on the hot pot" in general. At this point, "Driver Backup Expert" can help us solve this problem, it can quickly detect all hardware devices in the computer, extract and backup the drivers of the hardware devices. It also comes with an INF script installer that simplifies the installation of hardware devices, and these extracted drivers come in handy when we need to reinstall WinXP.

  The storage path and file name, click the “Start” button. And if you want to back up all the drivers more quickly, you can click the "Quickly Collect" & "Backup All" button so that all drivers in the system will be "clone". Need to be reminded that during the backup of all drivers, please do not press any keys or buttons.
four, backup mail account
Many online friends have multiple mail accounts, for their backup work, we can use the registry, in the registry to expand to the HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet Account ManagerAccounts branch, if OE There are five mail accounts, then there will be five subkeys of 00000001~00000005 under the Accounts button (Figure 3). Click the &aposquo;Accounts button, select the “Registry-Export" command in the menu, select “Select Branch> in the "Export Range", enter the backup file name, press the “OK” button They can be backed up.
5. Backing up personal data
Undoubtedly, personal data is the most important data for computer users. It includes personal files, downloads, personal emails, OICQ or ICQ data.
For the backup of personal files and downloaded materials, we only need to copy them to the non-system partition of the hard disk or burn to CD and other places.
For the backup of personal mail, if you are using Outlook Express, then you should "Inbox.dbx" in the directory ""C:Documents and SettingsUser nameLocal SettingsApplication DataIdentities{number string}MicrosoftOutlook Express” ; and “ Outbox.dbx” two files are copied to the non-system area. Of course, it's best to customize the mail location to other places. The specific steps are: Click “Tools”-“Options”-“Maintain”-“Storage Folder”, Change to the mail directory you want to back up. For backup Foxmail mail, it is relatively simple, just copy the files in the Mail subdirectory under the Foxmail installation directory to the non-system area.
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