XP system shows the solution of the last disc content

The computer is installed with the Windows XP operating system. Sometimes, after inserting a CD in the CD-ROM drive, whether it is using auto-play or using “My Computer”, the CD-ROM drive cannot display the contents of the current CD correctly. The CD-ROM drive always displays The information on the previous disc, and when you click on the data, except for the files or links you have browsed, other files can't be used. I can only restart the computer to get back to normal, which is very troublesome. How can we solve this problem?
This is a feature built into Windows XP called "CDROM Mirror". The principle is that when a disc is placed, the system automatically mirrors the content viewed by the user in the disc in the cache, so that the user can read the content repeatedly without reading from the disc. This improves the access speed, and this image has a default time limit. Generally, after 5 minutes, the xp operating system automatically reclaims the image to display the new content. Therefore, the replacement of the optical disc within a limited time may cause the display of old content. The solution to this problem is as follows:
(1) on the system desktop, use the mouse to select “ start & rarr; control panel & rdquo;.
(2) Double-click the “Administrative Tools” icon in the pop-up window, then select “Computer Management”.
(3) In the "Computer Management", expand "Storage & Rarr; Removable Storage & Rarr; Library", and the CD-ROM icon installed in this machine will appear in the window on the right.
(4) Right click on the CD-ROM icon and select “Properties”. In the "Properties" dialog box, set the "Enable Drive" windows7 system to the selected state, and then change the default 5 minutes in the "delay unloading" to 0 minutes.

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