WinXP Task Manager does not have a menu bar solution


When we use the computer on WinXP system, we will use the task manager, you need to open the task manager to view the process. After the user responded that he opened the task manager, he did not know what was being done. As a result, the task manager's menu bar disappeared. How to do? How to solve such a problem? The following is a small series and everyone said that the WinXP task manager does not have a menu bar solution.

The method is as follows:

1. A misoperation during use causes the task manager's menu bar to disappear. The look in the picture looks very simple, but it is not used.

2, when using the computer housekeeper, actually saw a function to repair the menu bar of the task manager. Open the computer housekeeper, there is an XP zone under the XP protection shield, click to pop up a computer clinic, it is similar to the hospital clinic, there are different subjects.

3, found in the XP area is a task manager, enter the look at it really has such a problem, it seems that not only I have encountered.

4, put the mouse on the icon, the words immediately repaired, and details, or look at the details, why is this? Learn about.

5, I think I am caused by misuse, should not be a group strategy problem, fix it first. I fixed it immediately and it was solved immediately.

6, later through the groping, I found out that the reason why my task manager did not have the menu bar, I originally double-clicked the icon in the border of the task manager, in fact, double-click once to appear the menu The bar is up.

The above is the WinXP task manager does not have the entire contents of the menu bar solution. If you have any problems with this type of problem, you can follow the above steps. I hope to help you here!

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