How to check the virtual host's large traffic


The virtual host is designed with the number of users at the beginning of design. When one or more sites have a large amount of access, it will greatly improve the use of CPU, memory and disk I/O. As a result, the resources of other sites are encroached, resulting in slow access to the entire server. So we recommend that users buy a host that suits them, not the cheapest one. Therefore, it is recommended that when purchasing a virtual machine, determine which host should be purchased according to the nature, size, content, and programming language of the website.

The website may cause more expenses for the website administrator because of the excessive traffic, and the website will be slower to access. This article will analyze the traffic classification and how to optimize it.

1. Traffic Statistics Parameters::

PV (Page View) Value: refers to the total number of pages requested by all visitors browsing the website within a certain time range. (For example: the site has 100 visitors a day, each visitor browses an average of 5 pages, then the PV per day is 100×5)

Hits value: refers to each page element The number of requests. (Any page of a picture or a flash file is considered a page element)

day browsing bytes: traffic today, is the number of bytes for all page elements within a day, and the visitor's request.

Second, the calculation formula of user site traffic:

Total traffic=Access traffic+Download traffic= Page view value x Page size+Download file size x Downloads

Three Why control traffic:

Because a virtual host is a website of multiple users sharing a physical server resource. If a website has too much traffic, it not only seriously occupies network bandwidth resources, but also increases the load on the entire server and affects other users. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the server, we need to control the traffic of the virtual host. According to the virtual host service agreement, our control measures include deleting part of the site or shutting down the host, and does not assume corresponding responsibility.

Fourth, the cause of excessive traffic:

1. The scale of the website is large (such as portals, online malls, etc.), that is, the website itself has a large amount of traffic, and the page view of the website is viewed. Value, Hits value, and daily traffic are all high.

2. The website page design is unreasonable. The page contains large pictures or audio, video files and other files, which causes the website page to be too large. The page view value and Hits value of the website are low, but the daily traffic is very high. Please check if the website has too large pages (more than 1M), for example: Page View=1000, then 1M*1000=1G, so it will also cause large traffic. A page that is too large is not conducive to your users' access to your site. If your users are in a slower network environment, the larger the page, the longer it will open. Please rectify the webpage program (if the homepage of the website is too large, it can be processed in a hierarchical structure.)

3. The content of the website is stolen or provides data download. The website provides *.mp3, *.rar, *.zip*.exe and other files are downloaded, or your website provides video and audio files (such as background music, advertisements, flash, etc.). The page view value of the website may not be very high, but the Hits value, Daily traffic will be high. (This is more common)

4. Search engines generate a lot of traffic, if you have done some promotion or promotion on some search engines, or a large number of images on the website for external calls, the website The normal traffic is small, but the search engine search generates a lot of traffic. Similar to the stolen chain feature, the page view value of the website is not high, but the Hits value and daily traffic will be higher.

5. If all of the above can be ruled out, it may be that your website is subject to DDOS attacks or is linked, and a large number of access requests are generated in a short period of time. Page View value, Hits value, daily traffic of such websites Both are high, but after a few days, the end of the attack will be reduced, or the corresponding patch vulnerability.

V. How to avoid large traffic:

1. If the website is large, the click rate of the website is very high. If this is the case, the traffic volume of your website is very high. The service you are currently purchasing is no longer sufficient for your website traffic. It is recommended to purchase a suitable virtual host. The higher the host type, the greater the traffic provided. In contrast, the purchase of a low-end host requires a host lease fee + traffic charge, which may cost more than a high-end host.

2. If the page is too large and causes a lot of traffic, it is recommended to reduce the audio and video files. If it can't be reduced, it is recommended to spread these files across multiple pages to reduce the size of a single page. You can reduce the traffic appropriately or increase the access speed.

3. Write a robots.txt file to restrict search engines from searching for resources that you don't want to open. Even the entire content is forbidden from search engine search. This will affect the promotion effect of the website, but it can avoid some traffic, and can also avoid being stolen indirectly. chain.

4. If the website is attacked on a large scale, Wanwang will shut down the site. If the scale is small, it may be treated as normal access without processing. If the user finds that his website is being attacked, he can ask Wanwang to do site protection. We will make appropriate protection policies on the firewall to reduce the user's loss.

5. The customer currently has a separate traffic query function in the CP control panel. After clicking “Traffic Query” in the “Value Added Service Tool”, you can query the traffic record of the previous full month and should Traffic restrictions, customers can query and purchase traffic based on the situation.

6. Frequently analyze traffic, virtual host users can generate access statistics reports through the control panel for analysis, or view traffic reports for simple analysis. If you use third-party website statistics, it feels that the data provided by Wanwang is too different. You can also download the recent www access log for analysis through the control panel WebLog log download function. It is recommended to use Awstats, Expert and other software for analysis. Viewing, in addition to the traffic statistics provided by Wanwang, the page that is redirected to 302 only counts the number of accesses, but does not count traffic, which is smaller than the statistics of third-party statistics.

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