Cool! Free to build mail server


The free big meal on the Internet is getting worse and worse. To apply for a QQ number, you need to use SMS. If you can use N free QQ to chat "cheat" MM, you can even provide a free e-mail address. It is getting scarcer. Since it is not allowed, why not consider setting up an SMTP server in this rack?

With this idea, you need to use a software - "Broadband SMTP Server", which is free to download, whether it is using domestic mail software Foxmail or Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, etc., almost all mail customers The end-end software "Broadband SMTP Server" is supported. It can send mail directly to the target mailbox without sending a certificate. The success or failure of sending can be immediately known, and the voice prompt and automatic sending of the bounce function after forwarding failure can be set. Convenient, especially for LAN users. can download the latest version of "Broadband SMTP Server", unzip and run adslsmtpserverV13.exe directly, the "current IP address of this machine" column Copy the IP address in:

For Foxmail: Paste it into Foxmail's "Account Properties → Mail Server → Send Mail Server" column;

For Outlook Express: If you use Is Outlook Express, paste it into the "Tools → Accounts → Mail → Send Mail Server" column. Or you can type "localhost" or "" directly as the SMTP server address, or fill in the IP address of the local machine on the LAN.

In other words, you only need to fill in the or LAN IP address in the "Broadband SMTP Server" address, you can try to send a few emails immediately. The capacity of the attachment is larger, click "Send" After the button, there is almost no delay and the mail is sent to the target mailbox. Any mail that is successfully sent will be displayed in the "SMTP Forwarding Successful Record" list, and the mail that failed to be sent will be displayed in the "SMTP Forwarding Failure Record" list, so that it is clear.

This way, if you install "Broadband SMTP Server" on a LAN machine, you have the same fast and efficient SMTP server, and all LAN computers can transfer letters to the world. If installed on ADSL broadband, it is equivalent to setting up a sending server like, which is a free e-mail service provider. Global users can send e-mails through it. Really realize that you can build your own SMTP server in one minute without spending money, so cool, so convenient!

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