Cool dog K song how to export recording Cool dog K song recording export tutorial


How to export cool dog K song recording, cool dog K song recording export operation process sharing. Cool dog K song is an online karaoke software, users can easily and conveniently online K songs on this platform. The music library on this platform is rich, K songs are numerous, many small partners like it, but some small After the partner recording, I don't know how to export it. How to export the cool dog K song recording? Today, Xixi Xiaobian will share the operation process of the cool dog K song recording export.

Cool dog K song recording export operation process sharing

Actually export is still very troublesome, first you need to sing a song, For example, in the songs you sang, you must have posted them. You need to click on me and then click on my work. After uploading, you need to share the cool dog, which is to click the button of the work to click three points. , share the choice of cool dog, and then succeed, it means that your cache is successful, and then to export the song.

After you have cached the entire song, open the file browser of your mobile phone. My mobile phone cool dog is installed in [Memory Device], enter [Memory Device], and then enter [ Memory device /kugou /down_c /default /]. In this folder you will find a lot of [.kgtmp] files named with hexadecimal code. You can play the audition with your own music player, find the song you just K, and find the song and transfer it to the computer. The format factory or other conversion format tool converts this file into your favorite format, such as mp3.

Cool dog k song software function introduction

Massive accompaniment music library, new songs hot songs are updated daily;

Original singer free switching, Learn the secret weapon of new songs;

Practice singing and scoring + intelligent scoring to help you quickly improve your singing skills;

Mixing function, beautify your voice and create professional effects;

Perfect star-making plan, docking with cool music to help you become the star of tomorrow;

Powerful family function, let you show the fun of making friends;

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