Thunder download resources to 99% stop after the solution coup

Many use, the use of download resources have reached 99%, but suddenly stopped, this is a very exciting thing for many users, but anything There are coups to solve. If you are experiencing this situation with Thunder, you may wish to refer to the method provided below.
One, pause /re-download method Because Thunder uses multi-threaded download, that is to say that this resource is divided into several parts and start downloading at the same time, the download speed of these parts is not the same, so the connectivity is good, the speed The faster part can be downloaded first; the larger the file, the higher the chances of not being connected, or the very slow part, and the last part will stay in the last part of the search and connection. Happening. When this happens, it does not mean that the last part of the file must not be downloaded, and it may be the slowest part of the entire file. At this time, you can use the pause/re-download method to solve it. Just select 99% of the resources that cannot be downloaded, select the “Stop task” command, and then select the “Start task” command, or you can double-click it directly to make it Pause, double click again to make it download again. Often with a clear "drip" sound, the resource has been downloaded. (The most practical and most effective one!) Second, check the IE settings Sometimes the IE browser settings may also affect 99% of the download problem, you can start from the browser itself to set the reason. Open IE, select the "Tools" & rdquo; → & ldquo; Internet Options & rdquo; command, click the "Advanced" label, then cancel the "Check the signature of the downloaded program" check box, and confirm the selected & ldquo ; Allow to run or install software even if the signature is invalid & rdquo; checkbox. Third, clean up the temporary folder and cookies can try to select the "Tools" & rdquo; → & ldquo; Internet Options & rdquo; command in IE, click & ldquo; General & rdquo; & rarquo; & ldquo; browsing history & rdquo; under & ldquo; delete ” button, click the "Delete Files" and "Delete Cookies" button in the open window, or simply click the "Delete All" button below, and then try to download the resource again. Fourth, completely re-download method If we download an installer or other application, and the file is not large, you can download another address. 5. Thunderbolt Suspension Anti-Virus We can select the “Tools” & rdquo;→“Configure” command in Thunder 5.9, click the “Download Security” tab, and then cancel all selections. See if you can complete the download. After success, you must re-select the corresponding option and let Thunder check the virus after downloading the resource. 6. Pay attention to selective downloads When downloading BT or eMule resources, we may not download unnecessary resources such as documents, pictures or advertisement files, and these files may have no resources on the Internet (most people do not download, lose the sharing source) ). As long as you cancel these resources, you can often solve 99% of download problems. For example, when we use Thunder to download BT resources, a window pops up to let us choose to download the resources, then we can cancel the unrelated files. When we search for eMule resources on Thunder Dogs, if there are multiple resources, you can cancel the selection before unnecessary resources, and then click “ Download Selected & rdquo; button to download. Tip: For BT resources, you can also try to modify BT Tracker to solve, but often the effect is not very good, no longer repeat them here. Seven, modify the extension method If you can't download all 99% resources, you can stop downloading, and then modify the file name method to use. However, this method is only known for video files, music files or compressed files. Ordinary video, music or compressed package files, remove the suffix ".td"; you can; BT video, music or compressed package files, remove the suffix "";; eDonkey video, music or compressed package files, remove the suffix “”. For movie files and music files, you can try to play them directly with the player, and often only a few of them can't be played. For the zip file, you can right click and unzip it. Of course, in general, the files in it cannot be all decompressed, but since 99% has been downloaded, it will not affect the use. (The effect is also good!! Can try!!) Eight, pay attention to the offline download part of the download function offline download has many people in use, and when using it to download BT resources is also easy to generate "99% problem", but we are When downloading BT resources, the completed files in the unfinished BT task also support the local download function, which solves the problem that 99% of the BT tasks are stuck in some cases that are most troublesome for users. What we need to do is to select the corresponding BT resources, then click “More operations”→“display file list”, then the progress of each file download will be displayed in the open window. If the corresponding file has been completely downloaded, it will be downloaded to the local ” link and click to download. You can also select multiple files that have already been completed, and then click the “Download selected files to local” button to download in batches. After the resource is downloaded to 99%, there are many reasons. There is not enough disk storage space and IE settings. We can clean the temporary files from IE, pause or re-download on the download interface, or use selective download and offline download. Partial download function.
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