Little Even App Steps Steps Tutorial

Xiaoxiao App can be described as the latest century-old artifact, create your own 3D little couple, share it with your friends for a hundred years. I want to know how to change the face of the little couple app, let's take a look at this little couple App face change tutorial. How to change the face of the little couple App: It is worth noting that the little couple app does not support direct face change or one-touch face change. If you want to change face, you need to recreate the little couple, but don't worry about the material you downloaded before, they still The download will be kept and will not be deleted. Let's take a look at the steps. 1. Click the button in the upper right corner on the home page. 2. You can find the button to create a small couple at the bottom of the new interface. 3. Then take a photo again. I learned about how to change my face with Xiao Xiao App. After re-photographing, I can see my fresh face. This article comes from [System Home]
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