Teach you to let the iOS8 system fly, the use of the iCheaner plugin

First, the device needs to be jailbroken and then add the source: apt.feng.com download and install: icleaner plug-in test platform: National Bank, 6P, 16G, black, IOS8.1, telecommunications 3G first said the effect after optimization: more than 1G Space (64G 128G friends can ignore this 1G, no need to comment out this 1G useless cloud. For 16G friends, this 1G means everyone knows). Of course, many unnecessary startup items are turned off, and in theory, power is also saved. LZ has no time to test the power, this data is in a 3G environment. However, the battery should have 20 hours of standby and 12 hours of use. The system response is obviously faster (when the settings are turned on, it is very obvious to enter the subordinate directory, and the second is entered) without any problem. Written in the front: This optimization has no side effects, but before you optimize, be sure to open icleaner's "test mode" ”! ! ! ! ! ! (After the test mode is turned on, all operations are automatically backed up). PS: Recently encountered a bit "Great God", after the jailbreak recovery backup, and then directly use this tutorial, leading to white apple. In fact, you all know that IOS8 needs to restore the backup and then jailbreak, otherwise it will be white. Restate it! This tutorial will never lead to a white apple! 1. The regular cleaning will not be said. 2. Click on the settings in the lower right corner to open the test mode! ! ! ! Remember! ! ! 3. Deep cleanup: Click the “+” number in the lower left corner to open the advanced page. (Because the test mode has been turned on, all the following operations have been automatically backed up, so let's boldly toss it!) First select the boot item: AirPrint startup item (APPLE wireless printer, unwanted off) AssistiveTouch startup item (small dot, Unwanted) Game Center startup items (included with the app, Game Center, many students use the Game Center account to log in to the game, so it is not recommended to close. Others who do not need GAME students do not need it) iCloud startup items (system iCloud backup function, find my iPhone, do not need to close, open the search for Iphone students do not turn off) Internet startup items (personal hotspots, unwanted classmates off) iTunes and iCloud backup daemon (iTunes and iCloud automatic backup Program, find my iPhone, do not need to close, open the search for Iphone students do not turn off) OTA update startup items (system OTA automatic upgrade program, students who have been jailbroken can be closed, saying that since the use of icleaner, then It must have been jailbroken …… so shut it down) PassBook startup item (PassBook program, no need )Safe daemon (currently not very clear use, but look at the name should be system security, etc., it is recommended to open) Spotlight startup item (Spotlight search, is the search menu that appears in the main screen drop-down, after the shutdown, the drop-down menu does not disappear, just Unable to search. Unwanted) VPN startup items (no need for vpn classmates) Chinese WLAN name startup items (some WIFIs are Chinese, so it is not recommended to close, can not search Chinese WIFI after shutdown) Erase content startup items (set password After that, open the program that automatically erases the content 10 times. After it is closed, it cannot be erased. Unwanted) Log, dump and crash report startup items (that is, the system log, anyway, I am off, after all, this will automatically Record the usage of the system in the background. After the off, no electricity, lever!) Voice control startup item (Siri, unwanted off) accessory startup item (when closed, what charger, AV data line output, etc.) Unavailable. Unwanted) After the above settings are completed, click on the top right corner of the application & rdquo;, the system will restart. “ Definitions & rdquo; used in the dictionary is used to long press the text, click on the "dictionary" when the definition of its selected content (equivalent to the dictionary, but can only be used in memos, safari), can be Delete, click Edit in the upper right corner, just delete one by one. Click on the language to delete the language, select all in the upper right corner (remove the Japanese, see the information to delete the Japanese can not use the system's own expression, but I deleted no problem, insurance or keep it) then click "Literature", "International" Keyboard & rdquo;, & ldquo; voice control language & rdquo; can be cleaned up. Manage wallpapers Click Edit, delete unwanted wallpapers (say the biggest wallpapers are 16M … … full deletion can save 1, 2 hundred M) images are not recommended to clean up, after cleaning will lead to a lot of APP default images. 4, after use, if you find a problem, open the settings in icleaner, restore the backup file. If it is determined that the system does not have any problems, the same settings in the icleaner are also opened, and the backup file is deleted (it will be 1G more after the backup is deleted). Since someone asked, I will generously answer how to delete the live wallpaper: manually delete the /System/Library/ProceduralWallpaper/ProceduralWallpapers.bundle directory, except for several files in the figure below can not be deleted, the rest are deleted. The deletion of these files will result in a click & click; select a new wallpaper & rdquo; flash back or can not click. It is currently found that friends who have installed the RocketBootstarap dependency package (the Activator plugin will have this dependency package), close the log, dump and crash report startup items, and the following prompt will appear when restarting the phone. The prompt disappears after opening the log, dump, and crash report startup items. Solution: Start item > top pro> log, dump and crash report startup items, open com.apple.ReportCrash.SimulateCrash separately. Students who have just finished brushing do not close iCloud startup items and iTunesiCloud backup guard when modifying startup items. program. Closing will cause the album to flash back. After opening the album and prompting that the new photo stream is available, click Cancel, then go to the icleaner to close the startup item. This article comes from [System Home] www.xp85.com
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