The desktop computer boot black screen can not start the solution tutorial

With the more and more frequent use of the computer, our life has also undergone major changes, but the computer is also a machine, as long as it is used, the loss will be damaged, the black screen phenomenon is a troublesome fault The following small series for the computer boot black screen can not start the phenomenon summary: there is a drop after the boot, open the speaker has the sound of the boot, with the mouse operation has a reflection (indicating that the computer is open only the screen is black) the power light on the display is bright (Sometimes the power is turned off and restarted, and it can be turned on, and it works well, there will be no problems, but the above situation may occur again at the next startup). Question added: Re-inserted many times but it is useless, will it be a problem with the graphics card? There was a new discovery. After booting for a long time, the computer entered the desktop again. (The same problem occurred after booting up today. I haven’t managed to eat it for a long time. After the meal, I found that the computer was turned on, and I tried the same situation once again, but It takes a long time. The black screen fault caused by the computer host fault can be divided into the following categories: 1. The fault caused by the host power supply is damaged by the host power supply or the black screen fault caused by the poor host power quality is very common. For example, when you add some new devices, the display will have a black screen failure, the quality of the power supply and the compatibility problem are eliminated. The power quality is not good. The lack of power is the main cause of the fault. You may also hear the inside of the machine. The speaker continuously alarms 12 sounds, and replacing the high-power high-quality power supply is the best solution for such faults. In addition, some motherboards have AT/ATX dual power interface, which can cause such faults if the jumper setting is incorrect. 2. Failure of the quality of the accessories The poor quality or damage of the computer accessories is the main cause of the black screen failure of the display. For example, problems with the motherboard (and the motherboard's BIOS), memory, display card, etc. may definitely cause a black screen failure. Its fault performance, such as the display light is orange **, then replace the display card, memory, and even the motherboard, cpu try to replace, is the quickest solution. 3. The connection quality between the accessories The memory card and so on are not properly connected or loosely connected to the motherboard, which is the main cause of black screen failure. Moreover, if there is a problem with the connection between the display card and the display, such a fault may be caused until the AT power supply is incorrectly inserted. Further, if the hard disk or the optical drive data line is reversed, it may cause a black screen failure. 4. Over-frequency blackout caused by overclocking or overclocking of components that are not suitable for overclocking will not only cause black screen failure, but also cause damage to accessories in severe cases. There is also excessive overclocking or poorly dissipated after overclocking of components that are not suitable for overclocking or damage to the cooling fan during normal use, which does not turn at all, etc., which will cause the system to protect itself from black screens. 5. Black screen caused by other reasons If the motherboard CMOS settings are incorrect and the motherboard clears the BIOS jumper incorrectly, it can cause a black screen failure. In this case, you can change the settings according to the motherboard instructions. In addition, software conflicts such as driver problems are improperly installed, DIY is improper, such as BIOS refresh error, power management settings are incorrect, hardware damage caused by malicious viruses (such as CIH), etc. may cause black screen failure of the display. When you encounter such a fault, you may wish to think more about the cause of the fault, so that you can solve the fault and know more about it. Black screen fault caused by the fault of the monitor itself According to the author's usual experience, the black screen fault caused by the fault of the monitor itself is mainly caused by the following reasons: 1. The power of the AC power source is insufficient. The power of the external power source is insufficient, causing some old monitors or some power consumption. A large display cannot be started normally, which is one of the causes of black screen failure caused by the failure of the display itself. Or the external power supply voltage is unstable, too high or too low may cause the display to not work. 2. The power switch circuit is damaged. The failure of the display switch circuit is the main cause of the black screen failure of the display. Simple such as power switch damage or internal short circuit; common such as damage to the switch tube or damage to its peripheral circuit components. 3. Damage to the row output circuit The failure of the output circuit or the picture tube and its power supply circuit is also the main cause of the black screen failure of the display. In particular, the damage of the high voltage package is more common in some miscellaneous displays that have been used for many years or are of poor quality, resulting in no blackout of the display. This article comes from [System Home]
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