Win7 hard disk installation method to use the software

        First, the software to be used 1, Win7 image file of course, look for it on the Internet, a lot. It is best to use the RC version, which is relatively new, and it is the last test version before the official version is released. Of course, the difference from the official version is the smallest. 2, virtual drive win7 Ultimate system download software I use is daemon4304-lite version, can be set to run under XP, also find it on the Internet, a lot. Download it, of course, to install it on the original system. With the above two software, you can do it, and the others don't need it. Second, the Win7 hard disk installation method 1, in the original system C disk other than a new folder, the name is taken casually, such as I use D: \\ win7 2, use the virtual drive to open the download to the local hard disk Win7 Image file, copy all the files inside to the D:\\win7 directory. 3, will be D: \\ win7 directory bootmgr (this is a hidden file, you need to change the file view mode to display all files to see) and boot directory copy to the C drive root directory, do not change the name, must be in Under the root directory of the C drive, other places will not work, otherwise it will not lead to success. 4, in the ghost xp system download C drive root directory to create a new folder, named: sources 5, copy the boot.wim file in the D:\\win7\\sourcess directory to the sours file of the C drive Inside the folder. 6. Open the command prompt window of the original system and type in the command line: c:\\boot\\bootsect.exe /nt60 c: After the prompt is successful, you can close this command prompt window. Then restart your computer. 7, after the restart you will find that the win7 installation program has started running, select the language, keyboard, time zone, etc. according to the prompts. 8. When the “Start Installation” interface appears, do not select the installation now, select “Repair this computer” in the lower left corner, and go to the “System Recovery Selection” interface, and select ““ Command Prompt Window” in it. ; (seems to be the last one). 9. In the command prompt window, type: d:\\win7\\souress\\setup.exe to start installing win7. 10, and then select the language, keyboard, time zone, etc., when the hard disk and partition are selected, if your C drive capacity Smaller, you can format the C drive, so that the files of your original system will not be retained, otherwise, after the win7 is installed, there will be one more folder in the C drive: windows.old folder, which is full It is the file of your original system, it will take up a few G to ten Gigabytes of space.
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