How to open and unzip the rar file? What does the rar file open?


How to open the rar file?

For users who often use the computer to download software, systems, and files, the compression method is not strange. If you ask the rar file in front of the computer master how to open it, I believe someone will laugh at you.

However, for computer beginners, you may not know what rar is, so let's not say how to open the rar file. Today, the system is complete to share with you how to open the rar file.

The majority of software, documents and other materials downloaded from the current network are in the rar file format. This is a compressed format, so that you can download the desired resources better and faster, and you can save space.

So it can be said that the rar file is a compressed file that cannot be opened because it needs to be decompressed by winRAR software to open or view it.

WinRAR compression and decompression software

First, let's understand together under winrar compression and decompression software

WinRAR is a powerful archive manager, it is the tool for RAR archives in Graphical interface in the Windows environment.

This software can be used to back up data, reduce the size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP 2.0 and other files downloaded from the Internet, and create new RAR and ZIP files.

WinRAR is a powerful compression software. We can compress some large files through WinRAR software to reduce the file size, and download and carry management on the user's website.

WinRAR is currently integrated into most operating systems, so users do not need to download it to use, so this article will not introduce the installation of the software, directly introduce its application, the software interface is as follows:

winRAR software interface

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